Suraksha Basnet, Founder

Building Our Base Camp

My desire to own a restaurant was not spontaneous, it came little by little. It started back in Nepal in my late teens and early 20s when i was spending most of my evenings with friends at cafes and bars in Kathmandu.

Growing up in Nepal during a civil war, when the government went from a monarchy to being run by the communist party, with up to 14 hours a day of power outages, the future felt uncertain.

“It was hanging out in those cafes, in the little serpentine alleys of Kathmandu that kept me and my friends sane.”

We would meet at our spots to talk about our options to move abroad, searching universities in America, Australia, Europe, and Canada. When a friend would get a visa, we would have farewells in the same cafes. It must have been in one of those cafes tugged in the vibrant alleyways of Kathmandu.

Amidst the mash of wires, shop sign and overhanging balconies during my late teens that I must have made up my mind to own a restaurant.

Base Camp

Gluten Free

We offer a large variety of carefully prepared, gluten-free dishes.


Our vegan dishes are made without meat, dairy products, or eggs.

Farm To Table

We work with local suppliers to bring you the best possible produce.


Good food begins with great ingredients, always buy organic.

Heart of the Himalayas

Expedition Nepal

Ever dreamt of trekking through the beautiful mountains of Nepal? We have partnered with our colleagues back home to provide a once in a lifetime experience. Trek leisurely with masterful guides through enchanting Sherpa high country and unspoiled Buddhist monasteries as you make your way through to the foot of Mt. Everest -- the highest peak in all the world.

Sherpa, Master Guide